4Kfitness Total Body

Building Strength to your Temple

Stacey Kershaw is the creator and owner of 4Kfitness Total Body. She has been active in the fitness realm her whole life and has been dedicated to practicing the 4 Pillars of Life, which are Meditation, Exercise, Diet and Sleep.  A combination of these things puts the 4 in 4Kfitness and Strength to Your Temple, which is the perfect recipe for a healthier, stronger and better you!

Helping others in their fitness and health journey is what has driven Stacey to start 4Kfitness. Be the person you want to be and live a long and healthier life!


This class is a combination of Bootcamp, HIIT, and Strength Training. All you will need is a mat, 5-10lb weights and some water.  Don't have weights?  That is totally fine, you can just use your body weight. Choose A package and sign up below!


This section is for links to my health and nutrition courses @ 4kFitness1.Official.Academy as well as my Arbonne Independent Co.

Courses include:

Metabolism (Free)
Detox Yourself
Healthy Eating Everyday

Become a Preferred Client in my Arbonne Company

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